Meet Angus – our resident Cavoodle, quite content keeping an eye on everything that happens at the warehouse

Based on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, we are a family owned business dedicated to providing the very best customer service and highest quality products at competitive prices.

Coral Coast is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality photo albums and photo frames, that has been supplying the photographic industry both in Australia and Internationally since 1999. 

We see ourselves in a specialist retailing environment where quality and design are paramount, and customers seek out quality and continuity of supply so they can have a timeless heirloom collection.

In a time when there has never been more photographs taken, fewer and fewer photographs are being printed.  Today it appears only selected images that have a special meaning or memories are being printed. These specially selected images are then stored or displayed in a treasured and thoughtful manner, with attention being paid to classic timeless design and quality presentation.

Our 6 year old son recently confirmed the need for our products even further when he mentioned that he wanted to visit a special place that we hadn’t been to for a few years.  When I asked why he wanted to visit there again, he said “we need to keep going back to the places we like so we don’t forget them, I’m scared that I will lose the memories I have of it.” 

“And thats why we have photo albums” I told him, “so that we can go back and remember them as often as we like.”  He was so scared that his new memories would replace all the old fun memories he had and it just reconfirmed to us how important it is to keep those favourite moments handy, to be able to relive the joy and excitement of when those photos were taken and even further back than that to be able to show our children their relatives from generations ago.

We have a passion to help you keep your special memories alive and safe for many generations to come.

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