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Photography Courses

There’s many that can show you what they do – There’s few that can teach you how to do it!

Many photography students are confused by the sheer volume of information out there. The School Of Photography cut the wheat from the chaff, delivering easy to understand, professionally produced videos and guides that ensure you’re on the right track from the outset.

Since 2002 they’ve been training people with their photography courses to take beautiful photographs. By investing in their education, you’ll be giving yourself the clearest, most concise and enjoyable photography training in the world.


Go from beginner to advanced with the Beginners Photography Course

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Learn Lightroom and take your photography to the next level

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Professional beginners guide to Photoshop

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Studio Lighting

How to use professional lighting equipment for portraiture

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Long Exposure

Master visual effects and how to post-process to get professional results

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Portrait Retouching

Retouching portraiture is a must if you want your shots to look professional

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Fine Art Landscape

Learn how to create and sell high-end Fine Art Landscape Photography

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Guide to Photography Ebook

A comprehensive guide to photography for phones, tablets and PCs

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Course Gift Certificate

Access to all online courses and 3 months free!

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Become a Member

The complete package if you want to learn photography properly or push your skills to the next level

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