Goldbuch Hemp Midnight-Green 30×31 Drymount


Goldbuch Hemp Midnight-Green 30×31 Drymount Photo Album is made by Goldbuch in Germany

The cover is made with 100% green electricity in the factory in Bamberg using organic inks made from renewable raw materials and consists of 100% cannabis pulp.

Paper made of hemp has a long history, which started 2000 years ago in China.  The Gutenberg Bible was also made of hemp paper, until hemp cultivation was banned.  We are very pleased that the environmentally friendly cultivation of hemp is allowed again.  The environmentally friendly cultivation of industrial hemp in Europe does not use any herbicides at all, has an excellent climate balance and can be recycled better than normal paper.

The book-bound album measures 30x31cm, capture your most beautiful pictures and memories, exciting vacations and unforgettable moments for eternity on 60 white pages.

The maximum number of images when using portrait and landscape format is 224 images in the standard 10x15cm format and 112 images in 13x18cm format.

The classically bound album has the look of a book and fits perfectly on a shelf. With an album like this, your best memories are always at hand.

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