Free Canva Scrapbook Templates

Click the images below to get our free canva scrapbook templates.  Save these templates into your own Canva account and just drop your own photos into place and change the text.

Summer Days scrapbook Layout
Free canva scrapbook templates Cousins layout
Mothers Love scrapbook layout
Free canva scrapbook templates Siblings layout
Free canva scrapbook templates Dad layout

Click on an image above, when it opens in a new window click on “Use Template” and this will open it into your Canva account, ready for you to customise, save and print.

If you do not have a Canva account, create one for free at

How to print your layouts at home

For a long time now digital scrapbooking has been a passion of mine.  I have created albums, photos in frames and canvases that hang on our walls.  A lot of my creations are given away as gifts. It can also get quite expensive when I have everything printed.  So I thought about how I could print digital scrapbook layouts at home.  Sometimes I just want to quickly print something – even if it is just in black and white to see how it would look at full scale.

I have successfully worked this out and thought I would share this idea with you in case you wanted to try this at home for yourself.

Go here to read my blog on printing a 12×12 scrapbook layout on your home printer on A4 paper.  You can put it together so you wouldn’t even notice it has been made that way.  Also some tips on printing colour A4 at stationery shops. This can save you a heap of money.  Something that would usually cost around $10 to print as a photo, can now only cost you about $2.60.  All the instructions are here for you to find out more.

These layouts will fit a 12×12 inch scrapbook which is a typical scrapbook size.  They could however be customised to fit into a smaller or larger size depending on your album.  In Canva you can easily resize any page just by clicking on the “resize” button at the top.  You can then enter your custom dimensions and Canva will adjust the layout to fit.

Find a scrapbook to fit these layouts – click here