Life of Colour Paint Pens with Coral Coast

Coral Coast drymount album using Life of Colour paint pens to decorate the page around the photos

Are you like me and just love immersing yourself into a new project?  We have just received our new Life of Colour Paint Pens and I am really enjoying putting all my creative thoughts into action.

So I thought I’d share with you today a couple of these new products and show you how I’ve been using them with the Coral Coast frames and albums.

The Life of Colour acrylic paint pens are really fun, they are markers filled with acrylic paint.  They’re really vibrant, beautiful colours and they can be used on anything from paper to rocks to glass, anything that you want to apply colour to – even clothing.

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Out of stock

They are fantastic as they are odorless, non-toxic and totally acid free so they are great to use in our albums and they just make your creations come to life.

We have them in the Classic Colours, 12 in a box and they also come in Fluoro Colours, 5 in a box.

I have been doing a couple of little experiments just to see how they work.  I took one of our black glass photo frames that holds a 4×6” photo plus a 2×6” photo strip.   You can put a photo strip from a photobooth if you have one or you can do what I’ve done and just add a written quote.  The frame is plain black and then with the paint pens you can be creative and start adding colours.

Double black glass photo frame, holds a 4x6" photo plus a 2x6" photo strip or written quote

What I’ve done is written above the photo what we were doing and then the month and the year below it.

The paint pens just wash off the glass, so when you don’t want to have that photo in the frame and you want to change it then you can just wipe it off.  It actually took me about five goes to get the writing neat enough so that I was happy with this one!  

So this is a great way to be a bit creative with your frames.  It’s also a nice idea for a gift because you can pop a photo in there of a friend or relative and give it to them with a special quote or saying or just add a nice little message.  It makes it really personalized without having to get it engraved.  These glass frames can actually be engraved but if you’re wanting to have something that’s not permanent, then you can just use a marker and it will wipe off.

Coral Coast drymount album using Life of Colour paint pens to decorate the page around the photos

The other idea I have for these paint pens is to use one of our drymount albums with the black pages and just put some colour straight on the page.  Here’s a little bit of doodling that I’ve done. 

I have added a video of how I did this below and the templates for the pattern as well so you can try them in your own albums if you want to.  I have only used part of the flower template as I didn’t want it too detailed and wanted to add my own creative touch.  I used White Transfer Paper to get the picture onto the black paper.  You can buy this from most stationery shops in packs of 20.  You can freehand your picture onto the back of the paper while pressing onto the black page, or you can do what I did and print onto the reverse side and then trace over the design to transfer it onto your page. 

This makes your pages just a bit more creative, especially if you’re wanting your pages to include something other than just photos.  If you’re wanting to be a bit crafty these pens are fantastic because the paint makes them really stand out, especially on the black pages.  Obviously you can use them on any colour, but on the black they really stand out beautifully.

So that’s just a couple of ideas to get you started.  If you do give them a go, send us some photos of what you’ve been up to as I’d love to see your creations.

Have fun!


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